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Therapy for people through canine support.

Providing animal-assisted therapy to individuals in a safe and accepting environment. 

"The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth can ever be."

-Konrad Lorenz



I obtained a bachelor's degree in psychology in 2004, a master's degree in rehabilitation counseling in 2006. After years of working in the field as a counselor and clinician, I decided to pursue a focus in animal-assisted therapy. I graduated from the University of Denver's Institute for Human-Animal Connection (IHAC) in 2015. Several months later I was matched with Obie from Canine Partners of the Rockies (CaPR), an organization that raises and trains facility and mobility service dogs for Colorado residents. Obie and I worked and trained together for eight months before taking and passing the public access and skills tests in May of 2017. We are certified together as a facility intervention team in Aspen, Colorado. As a certified synergetic play therapist Obie and I work together with children and pre-teens in a unique model of play therapy. Click here to learn more:  

Enhance self-confidence and reduce symptoms standing in the way of personal goals.

Children 3-12

Adolescents 13-17

Adults 18+

 Dogs can ease anxiety, facilitate communication and goal attainment in the therapeutic setting. 


Feeling unsure? Need more proof?

Learn more about Canine Partners of the Rockies (CaPR)

CaPR's mission is to provide life-changing partnerships to individuals 

Owen's Foundation

Learn about Obie and where his name and purpose originates

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